Why Choose Fortune Validator?

Stable validator since early 2021 with a 100% election rate, robust redundancy system in place to ensure the highest level of uptime and trusted by 3,200+ delegators. A team of husband and wife, we pride ourselves on being transparent and trustworthy with our delegators interests in mind. Developer of vStatsBot, an uptime monitoring tool used by validators.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an epoch?

This is a measure of time that Harmony uses. Currently at 18-24 hours and you will see this referenced within staking.

Do my rewards start straight away?

No, they start on the next Epoch. You could be waiting 0-24 hours depending on when you staked.

Minimum Requirement

100 ONE

How do I stake?

Please see my guides above.

Can I use my mobile to stake?

Yes. The most common app is Metamask or Frontier Wallets followed by Guarda Wallet

Can I use my computer to stake?

Yes. You can use the Metamask or the Ledger Nano S and then go to staking.harmony.one and stake your ONE.